The Ocean And Its Meaning As A Dream Symbol

The ocean symbolizes purification. Just as emotions are released through salty tears, much is released though the colossal depth, power, and mystery of the sea. The ocean’s size reminds us of the Creator’s immensity. Mother Ocean, Yemanja, embodies this energy, cleansing through the force of the water and the purifying potential of the salt.

True of any dream symbol, the meaning applies holistically to all aspects of life: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Physical weakness is made stronger in the presence of something so mighty. Emotional weight is made lighter in the presence of something so buoyant. Mental complexity is simplified in the presence of something so freeing. All of our troubles are made small in the presence of the ocean–so big!

The Ocean Symbolizes Purification.

Affirmation: Through the symbol of the ocean, I am purified in body, mind, heart, and soul.

Water is the fountain of life, linked to cleansing and sustenance. The Standing Rock Movement, for example, recognizes that water is sacred and essential to all living beings. “Mni Wichoni” is the Lakota rallying cry, meaning: “Water Is Life.” This Movement is a fight to keep the water clean. Stories of “The Great Flood” describe the cleansing of humanity, and the emergence of new life. Yes, and water’s symbolic purification power is well understood in the act of baptism.

Cleansing is a necessary destructive force, and the ocean is the ultimate destroyer, for the sake of good. The salty seas shake, tumble, and rinse the earth clean. So, when the ocean appears in our thoughts, dreams, and visions, it may be an indication of something related to hygiene or disease prevention that requires physical purification. Or it may be an invitation to let go of an emotional attachment. Or it may be an important reminder to keep our thoughts simple and clean.

–Cabe Erin Lindsay, M.A.