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Be in touch for more information about our dream consultation services, or schedule a reading. Sessions can take place in person, on the phone: (512) 522-1497, or via email:


If possible, please send a written summary of your dream at least 1 week prior to your dream reading. This will enable us to begin the interpretation process in advance. Prior to your reading, please set aside time to focus on your dream and your intentions for the session. In this way, we can work as equal partners with Spirit to gain highest good from your session.


$120 60-Minute Session.

Dream reading sessions include prep time, plus your 60-minute actual reading. This service includes free documentation of your reading in the form of an audio recording or written transcript.

$200 Starter Package.

Your starter package begins with the dream reading session described above. You’ll also receive our original “Dream Kit,” which includes the book, Big Idea Patterns, plus our dream symbolism guide, and more resources to help you in your dream work.

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