Receiving Multi-Dimensional Cleansing, With The Frog

Frog King - Austin Dream Interpretation by Ahstin

“Frog medicine” refers here to the holistic healing and purifying of the body, mind, heart, and, soul. This medicine is actualized in the physical form as “Kambo,” which is an immunity-boosting medicine that comes from a frog secretion. Similarly, in the dream form, the appearance of the frog signifies an opportunity to release stagnant energy and toxins that stand in the way of our optimal health and well-being.

The first step in receiving the gifts of frog medicine is this: surrender. For example, if there are areas in our life situations where we are struggling to swim and stay afloat, we must surrender, in order to sink into the experience more fully. Then, when we realize we can breathe underwater, we receive the transformation we seek. The frog opens our energy channels, so the Source Energy can flow through us.

The Frog Symbolizes Cleansing.

Affirmation: Through the symbol of the frog, I dive into the waters, dark and deep. And from the mud I bloom, like a pure white lotus flower.

The frog is closely associated with the water, making it a symbol of cleansing, along with renewal and refreshment. When we discover a frog, whether it be outdoors or inner visions, we are called to cleanse ourselves from the inside out. It’s time to address those old wounds, through self-care, trusting our frog medicine to work its magic.

Let the teardrops flow like rain! The frog brings wellness, by inviting us to dive deep into the dark and murky waters of our conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds, where lily pads and lotus flowers spring up. One way to achieve this transformation is to listen to music that moves us to dance. Another way is to sing out loud. When we visualize the frog in our dreams, we bathe in the green light, where healing happens.

–Cabe Erin Lindsay, M.A.

Embracing The Great Mystery, With The Dragonfly

Dragonfly Triad - Austin Dream Interpretation by Ahstin

The dragonfly is a reminder of the Great Mystery. “Great Mystery” refers to the Creator, or Source Energy, and the mysterious creation and expansion of all that exists. The Great Mystery can be visualized as a “ruby string” that connects all things, from the people to the animals, from the earth to the stars, and so on. It is the common thread that reminds us: we are one.

We are not God, but we are created in that likeness. In this way, each of us is invited to co-create with the Creator, through the power of natural talents, God-given gifts, and our own free will. So let’s be the change we wish to see in the world. Let’s work together.

Clearly, we are all related, and we are all in the right place at the right time, exactly as assigned by Divine Order. There is freedom in this! Let’s remember to give thanks for the interconnection, because it means that we will smile, and the world will smile right back at us. We will enjoy nature, and nature will enjoy us. We will teach the children and the children will teach us. Viva Karma!

The Dragonfly Symbolizes The Great Mystery.

Affirmation: Through the symbol of the dragonfly, I ask my higher self, “Will you wake up in me?” And so it does.

The dragonfly reminds us to stop putting energy into illusions that are clouding our life situations. It’s an opportunity to look past the clouds of our thoughts, where we can access the superconscious. Here is where the Great Mystery wakes up inside us, and frees up our energy and expressiveness.

To me, the dragonfly is mystical and enchanting. It is a living rainbow, often carrying an iridescent sheen of blue, green, violet, and other colors. Dragonflies are attracted to shiny surfaces, including star children, like us! One day, seven separate dragonflies landed on me as I spent an afternoon tubing down the Comal River, about an hour’s drive South of Austin. Such a treat to feel the feather-light touch of these precious little flying dragons.

–Cabe Erin Lindsay, M.A.

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Setting An Emotional Shield, With The Armadillo

Rainbow Armadillo - Austin Dream Interpretation by Ahstin

During times of worry, when our life situation tests our sense of security, it’s a reminder to look inside ourselves, concentrating on the first chakra–the root chakra. The root chakra is the energetic focal point that relates to our essential worldly needs: food, shelter, safety, etc. The root chakra is red, the color of blood, the stop sign, and other symbols demanding our alertness.

One remedy for any imbalance in the root chakra is to breathe in the realization that the Provider provides. Truly, the surplus and the scarcity are only temporary peaks in any wave. Breathing in, I witness the extremes of these waves, reaching up and down, cresting and crashing, continuing to waver, and I hold no judgment. Breathing out, I firm myself in the continual wavering. Breathing in, I am safe. Breathing out, I am sound.

The Armadillo Symbolizes Protective Cover.

Affirmation: Through the symbol of the armadillo, here and now, I visualize my own protective armor, as a way of establishing clear boundaries. Like the armadillo’s shielded body, I shield myself in this moment.

When the armadillo shows up, it highlights a life situation that requires some protective measures. It might be best to retreat from an invasive energy, rather than being defensive. It’s important to be vigilant, seeking truth and looking for the deeper meaning that may exist beneath any deceit, for example, while staying firm in your values. Keep quiet, except when necessary to state what you don’t want, or, more importantly, to ask for what you do want.

Dream Reader’s Statement, Intention, and Re-introduction

A few months ago, I discovered a natural dream interpretation ability in myself. This is aligned with the Carl Jung method of interpreting dreams as valuable messages from the subconscious. This week, I started seeking messages in “Dream Animals” or “Spirit Animals,” with a similar type of interpretation. Today, I am inspired to sketch an animal each week, or possibly even every day, as it spontaneously arrives in mind, seeking the messages inside.

–Cabe Erin Lindsay, M.A.

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