Dream Reading & Coaching

Just as the stars want to be seen, dreams want to be dreamed.

Throughout history and across cultures, there is a common belief in the significance of our dreams. Dreams are often profound experiences that strum the heartstrings and keep us wondering.

The role of a dream consultant is to help the dreamer to interpret messages coming from the conscious, subconscious, and suprerconscious source. This is what we do best, through the services of dream reading and coaching.

Realizing dreams is our specialty.

Amanda Cevallos is a rising Honky Tonk star. The music video for her song, “Freddy Ain’t Ready,” is produced by ARISE Video Studio, in Austin, Texas. This is Amanda’s dream brought to life with the help of Ahstin dream consultant, Cabe Lindsay.


Dream Reading & Coaching Services

Dream Interpretation

Discover the value of your dreams and the messages inside. Learn to interpret your dreams in the styles of Wang Fu, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Edward Cayce, and modern dream analysts.

Dream Inspiration

Find encouragement in your journey with dream journaling. Explore your fellow dreamers and visionaries. Learn tips and techniques to record more dreams and take action.

Dream Ideation

Tap into the consciousness, subconsciousness, and superconsciousness, where big ideas originate. Learn the creative resources of artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs.


What are the Key Benefits of Dream Consultation?

Understanding your dreams will help you to examine what you want in life, in order to help you achieve your heart’s desires. Dreams may also reveal clues to your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Bringing Meaning to the Mystery

Dreams are a mysterious part of the universal human experience, shared by all people. They are widely believed to carry significance, stimulating the awe and curiosity in us. Just as you begin to wonder about the meaning of your dreams, you begin to solidify their importance in your life.

Increasing Self-Awareness & Self-Acceptance

Dream readings give you knowledge of your ego–the self. This helps you to achieve healing and well-being, by showing you clues about your life purpose. You may increase your ability to self-heal and self-navigate by practicing dream recall and deciphering your dreams.

Uncovering Hidden Talents and God-Given Gifts

Dreams are one of the ways to discover your hidden talents. Inside of you is a unique set of natural abilities: creativity, intelligence, physical finesse, leadership ability, etc. You are born with many special qualities, some of which may be unrecognized or unused until your life situation brings them forward.

Dream Animal Symbols

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About Us

I’m Cabe Erin Lindsay, M.A., dream consultant, artist, and father of three. My interest in dream work began with an intensive study of the advertising field–a playground for dreamers, where the creative spirit is valued above all else. I am inspired by the belief that our dreams enable us to see, imagine, and create the world we wish to live in.

A few of my achievements include the documentary feature film, Wild Family along with three published books: Big Idea Patterns, Be Well Bee, and Wyld. I’ve also launched and led hundreds of successful advertising campaigns, helping artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations to put their dreams into action.

I and my team are here to support you with your dream work. Depending on your goals, we can interpret your dreams for you, teach you to find meaning in your own dreams, and offer exercises to help you record and remember your dreams. We’re here to help.


Sign Up for Dream Readings & Coaching

Be in touch for more information about our dream consultation services, or schedule a reading. Sessions can take place in person, on the phone: (512) 522-1497, or via email: cabe@cabelindsay.com.


If possible, please send a written summary of your dream at least 1 week prior to your dream reading. This will enable us to begin the interpretation process in advance. Prior to your reading, please set aside time to focus on your dream and your intentions for the session. In this way, we can work as equal partners with Spirit to gain highest good from your session.


$120 60-Minute Session.

Dream reading sessions include prep time, plus your 60-minute actual reading. This service includes free documentation of your reading in the form of an audio recording or written transcript.

$200 Starter Package.

Your starter package begins with the dream reading session described above. You’ll also receive our original “Dream Kit,” which includes the book, Big Idea Patterns, plus our dream symbolism guide, and more resources to help you in your dream work.

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